Program Evaluation

Programs and Services are the core of nonprofit organizations. They essentially embody the mission the organization and seek to make positive impacts in the community. However, in order for programs to maintain effectiveness, an organization must assess its goals, objectives, and outcomes. This type of an assessment is also known as a program evaluation. Program evaluations typically involve the collection of information related to a program and can be used to make any needed improvements.   In many cases, grant funders require an evaluation component with the submission of a grant application. Program evaluations can also be used to show the impact on the individuals receiving services. Marshall & Marshall can meet your organization’s need for evaluation services by tailoring monitoring and evaluation plans specific to your programs. Additionally, we develop logic models, administer the evaluation though the appropriate methods, as well as disseminate evaluation and impact reports to key stakeholders. This wealth of information can be used to show current and potential donors that your programs are making a difference and are worth their investment.